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Author: chris cloud

07 Jul

What Happens In A T-Bone Car Accident?

What Does It Mean To Be T-Boned? There are many different types of car accidents that a person could be involved in. Some are minor such as fender benders, while others are quite serious and can lead to severe injuries. T-boned car accidents tend to be of a more serious nature. But what exactly is a T-boned car accident? A T-boned car accident, also known as a side-impact collision, occurs when one vehicle runs into another vehicle head-on into the side panels of the vehicle where the doors are found on either the driver or passenger side. In this type of accident the two cars collide in a way that creates a T shape, hence the name T-boned. T-boned car accidents most frequently happen at intersections where one or sometimes both parties have entered the intersection illegally and there isn't enough time for the drivers to react and get out of each other's way. In car t-boned accidents it is not uncommon for the driver...

07 Jul

What You Need To Know About Rear Ended Car Accidents

What Does Rear-Ended Mean? Nobody wants to be in a car accident. When they are minor they are a headache that interrupts your day and leaves you with the frustration of dealing with insurance companies and car repairs. When they are serious however they can lead to injuries, loss of being able to work, medical bills, or worse the loss of a loved one. There are many types of car accidents that a person could get into such as being T-boned or a head-on collision, but the most common type of car accident is being rear-ended. What is a rear-ended car accident? A rear-ended accident occurs when the vehicle from behind runs into the back of the vehicle in front of them. Rear-ended accidents happen for a number of reasons; weather conditions, malfunction of the vehicle, or the main culprit - distracted driving. Rear-ended car accidents can range from lightly bumping into the vehicle in front or seriously plowing into the back of the vehicle...

07 Jul

Central Florida Hit And Run Car Accident Lawyer Near You

When a driver is negligently operating a motor vehicle they can cause a lot of damage, and even wrongful death to other drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and even pedestrians. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for negligent drivers to make even more bad decisions after an accident, and that includes fleeing the scene after hitting another vehicle. This only adds insult to injury as the victims are left with no one to hold responsible, on top of medical debt, loss of wages, and emotional suffering.  After a hit and run car accident in Central Florida, victims are left without justice when they can’t identify the driver that caused their accident. Our hit and run accident attorneys at Cloud Law Firm not only represent hit and run victims, but also stand by them throughout all aspects of the case, including medical treatments, evidence collection, and much more. Our clients deserve to have the ability to recuperate fully and properly without having to deal with the stress and anxiety...

28 Apr

How Much Work Do I Need To Be Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits

In order to determine your eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits (SSD or SSDI), the Social Security Administration (SSA) will consider your work history, including the amount of your earnings, the number of years you worked, and how old you are when you became disabled. To be eligible for social security disability benefits you need social security “work credits” which you earn when you work at a job and pay Social Security taxes. The dollar amount of your earnings for Social security credits: The amount of earnings is important because you have to earn a certain dollar amount to get a credit of work. For 2017, SSA gives 1 credit for each $1,300.00 of earnings, up to the maximum of 4 credits per year ($5,200 for the year to earn the maximum 4 credits). The dollar amount it takes to earn one work credit is calculated on a yearly basis and the amount required is increased every year. For example, 2016 SSA gave 1 credit…

22 Feb

Can I Get My Social Security Disability Case Expedited?

The Social Security disability process can be long and worrisome for a claimant. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration has provided six situations in which particular cases may be expedited. The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) designates these particular cases as “critical” and requires a faster processing of these claims. The 6 categories that follow are the types of “critical” situations that may result in your case being expedited: 1. Dire Need Case – Social security finds a dire need situation exists if the claimant lacks food, shelter, or medicine. Specifically, the claimant is without food and is unable to obtain food, the claimant lacks medicine or medical care and is unable to obtain it, or the claimant lacks shelter or is in imminent danger of lack of shelter (for example, without utilities, an eviction notice, a foreclosure lawsuit, homeless, etc.) 2. Terminal illness – If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness the Social Security Administration (SSA) will designate your case as critical…

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