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Sebring Social Security Disability Attorney

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Suffering from a disabling condition can rob you of your ability to provide for yourself and your family. Fortunately, residents of Sebring, Florida who are not able to work due to a disability have options. You may be eligible for disability benefits administered through the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) depending on your disability, income, and work history. In the alternative, you may be eligible for disability benefits depending on your disability and need, regardless of your income and work history. Such benefits can be a necessary lifeline.

Unfortunately, if you are disabled and no longer able to work, the SSA will not automatically grant you benefits simply because you or your doctor states that you are disabled and can no longer work. Instead, you must follow specific SSA rules and processes before the SSA will consider your disability claim and determine you are eligible for benefits.

Sebring, Florida residents applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits from the SSA may find the process confusing and complicated. As evidence of the confusing nature of the system, the majority of disability applications are initially denied. However, you should know that many applicants who were initially denied benefits ultimately prevail and obtain benefits as a result of seeking a disability appeal. So you should not be discouraged or give up if your initial application is, or has been, denied.

The best way to fight this complicated Social Security system and obtain the disability benefits you deserve is with the assistance and guidance of an experienced Sebring disability attorney. That is where we come in. The Cloud Law Firm specializes in obtaining both SSDI and SSI disability benefits for clients.

We handle disability claims at all levels, from the initial application through the full appeal process. If you have not yet filed a disability application, the Cloud Law Firm will help you file your application. In the alternative, if you have already filed your application, and have been denied, we will help you appeal the denied application. Even if you have had multiple appeals denied, and you have been granted a request for hearing, we will be happy to step in and help you with your disability claim. At each stage of the process, we will assist you in accurately and fully completing the appropriate paperwork; identifying, obtaining and submitting the medical documentation necessary to establish your disability claim; and our principal attorney will personally handle your social security hearing before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Effective attorney representation requires a local Sebring, Fl. attorney who will work directly with you to the conclusion of your case – from the initial application, through the award of disability benefits, and during the post-entitlement process. Every case is unique and personal. You deserve individual attention from an experienced attorney who works with you from the outset. Our core mission is obtaining disability benefits for you, and we believe in being there for our clients from start to finish.

Two of the key benefits we provide our clients are our knowledge and understanding of the Social Security application and appeals process, and our ability to develop and present medical evidence in support of your claim. Our principal attorney is an experienced trial attorney. Further, we are trained in SSA practices and procedures, and we understand the language that the SSA recognizes when evaluating a claim for disability benefits.

The Cloud Law Firm represents clients in Sebring and throughout central Florida. We have established professional relationships with local medical professionals in the area. We will contact your physicians and medical providers to obtain documentation to support a finding of disability and the award of your SSDI or SSI disability benefits. Further, we are adept at presenting medical evidence in a way that will demonstrate the true level of your disability.

If you are a Sebring resident who is considering filing a disability claim, or if your disability application has already been denied and you are considering an appeal, please call us today for a no-hassle, free consultation. We will provide you a no-hassle consultation and case evaluation. Best of all, there are absolutely no fees or costs unless we win your disability claim.

How does the Social Security Administration determine if I am disabled?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) considers five factors when determining if you are disabled. First, are you working. Second, is your condition severe. Third, is your condition listed by SSA as a medical condition which is so severe it automatically means you are disabled. Fourth, can you perform the work you did previously. Fifth, can you perform any other types of work.

Can I work and apply for social security disability?

Yes. However, your earnings cannot exceed $1,130.00 a month gross. SSA will also consider if you are working a substantial amount of hours.

After I win my social security disability case, can SSA take away my benefits?

Yes. If you receive disability benefits, your medical condition will be reviewed periodically to make sure you are still eligible to receive those benefits.

How do I determine what my monthly disability check will be?

The SSA has benefit calculators to help you determine if you have enough work credits and to help you estimate the amount of your benefits.

What should I do if I am denied my social security disability application?

Appeal the decision. Contact the Cloud Law Firm for a Free Consultation and we can answer your questions about the appeal process.

What is the difference between social security disability and SSI (supplemental security income)?

You may be eligible for social security disability if you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes. Adults and children may be eligible for SSI benefits if they have limited income and resources, regardless of their work history.

Do I receive health care coverage if I become disabled?

Yes. After you have been determined disabled for a period of time, you may be eligible for Medicare and/or Medicaid.

How long does the process take to be approved for Disability?

Social security disability is a federal program and wait times vary by state and city. Additionally, it depends on the severity of your conditions and whether your claim can be expedited.

When should I contact the Cloud Law Firm about my social security disability case?

Immediately! The attorney, Mia Cloud, will provide a Free Consultation at any stage of the disability process from filing the initial application to having a hearing scheduled.

How much does the Cloud Law Firm charge disability clients?

The Cloud Law Firm provides Social Security Disability services for a “contingent fee.” We get paid only if we win your disability case. If we win your disability claim, the fee is 25% of your past due benefits up to a maximum of $6,000.00.

June 18, 2019

“If you need help and are struggling due to injuries that have caused you limitations that stop you from working again please call mia cloud and her team of professionals. Mia cloud and the team at cloud law firm are well above a five star rating. Mia truly cares about people and from the first time i talked to her she knew right where i was at….trying to navigate thru the social security process always answered and returned calls. The whole team was so helpful with my questions or anything i needed. So if you need a lawyer i only hope you make the right decision and call the wonderful people at cloud law firm.”

– John H. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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