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Successful Largo, FL Truck & 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

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Our roads are busy, and with the increase in traffic comes the increased probability that you might be involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler here in Largo, FL.  These giant pieces of equipment can be dangerous when drivers are inattentive or out of control, and your interests need to be protected.  Insurance companies have a low settlement amount in mind, don’t agree to anything before you talk to an attorney, we can help make sure you’re taken care of.

Causes of 18-wheeler Accidents in the United States

There are a wide variety of causes of semi-truck accidents in the united states.  These pieces of equipment weigh many tons, and cannot stop as quickly as a passenger vehicle or motorcycle. Being cut off, improper maintenance, driver error/sleep deprivation, driver inexperience, improper load balance or failure to secure the load correctly, as well as distracted driving are just a few causes of these types of accidents.  Because of the size of the vehicle, and the variety of accident causes – injury and even death are common outcomes.  Wading through the red-tape of a semi-truck accident without an attorney representing your best interest is not advisable. The team at The Cloud Law Firm is here to help.

Attorneys at The Cloud Law Firm have the experience & compassion to take care of your case and get you results in a reasonable amount of time.  We can also ensure that your future needs are taken into account as we work towards a positive outcome.  Truck accidents can be devastating to all involved, making sure you’re protected is our #1 job. 

Largo, FL 18-Wheeler/Semi-Truck Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the statute of limitations for truck accidents in Florida?

A: The Statute of Limitations in Florida for truck, car, and motorcycle accidents is 4-years after the accident occurs.

Q: Do truck accidents have different laws than car accidents? Why?

A: Truck drivers are bound by a few different rules and laws than car/auto drivers in Florida. They have limitations on how many hours a day they can drive, which roads they can take, and how their vehicles are maintained.  If any of these rules are violated, they can be charged and tried differently than if someone in a car causes an accident. In addition, most truck accident cases can have multiple defendants/plaintiffs – from the driver to the owner of the truck, to the company that maintained the truck, to the owner, and/or loader of the payload. This makes the case much more complicated than a single-driver-at-fault car accident case.

Q:  How long does it take to reach an agreement or trial in a truck accident case?

A: This can vary based on what settlements the insurance company offers, how able you are to meet court deadlines, etc after injury and other extenuating factors.  Some cases settle fast, some take much longer to work through the court system.

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