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Largo FL Dog Bite Attorney – Who is at Fault and What Can I Do?

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If you find yourself in need of a dog bite attorney in Largo, FL, The Cloud Law Firm can help.

Not every pooch you meet up with is friendly – and even friendly dogs can bite. 

There are many factors that might play into who is at fault, and what damages and care you can receive after a dog bite.  Quarantine may be necessary to ensure no complications arise, and the future of the dog may be in question if it’s not the first offense or was especially egregious.  Hiring a lawyer to help you wade through the legalities and responsibilities can make a big difference in the outcome.  Your bite may require ongoing care and plastic surgery, or you may need some counseling to help deal with the situation.  Make sure you or your loved one are taken care of in the long term by hiring a great lawyer to help.

The Cloud Law Firm are experts in Largo dog bite cases. We understand the state and local laws, can research who is responsible, and are dedicated to making sure our clients are taken care of for the long-term.  Give us a call if you’re not sure what steps to take next, your initial consultation is free!

Largo FL Dog Bite Case FAQs

Q:  Is there any protection if a stray/at-large dog bites me in FL?

A: Yes.  the owner of an animal is responsible for its behavior whether on public or private property.  If the dog is a stray and is not ‘owned’ by anyone – it might be harder to recover any damages if the dog cannot be traced via tags or microchip.  If the injured party is proven to have provoked the animal in any way, the amount of the settlement could be impacted.

Q: What is Florida’s “One Bite Rule?”

A: Florida has a Scienter law – also known as the “one bite rule” law.  This provision can assign responsibility for damages to ANYONE who knows about the dog’s attack history or attempted bites and doesn’t warn or attempt to prevent the attack in some way.  Florida’s laws consider a “dangers dog” as one that has attacked, bitten, or severely injured a person, it may have seriously injured or killed another animal more than once, or one that chased or aggressively approached a person without being provoked in any way.

Q: How long do you have to report a dog bite in Florida?

A: The statute of limitations on dog bite cases in Florida is 4-years.  That being said – waiting until everything is healed before documenting the issue can hinder your case.  The sooner the bite is reported and documented, the better.  Give us a call if you need assistance.