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Reviews About Our Florida Personal Injury Law Firm

When choosing a personal injury law firm to represent you for your injury case you want to know that you are hiring a law firm near you that you can trust. We are honored by the amazing reviews we have received from our clients through the years for the legal services we have provided for them. We encourage you to check our Cloud Law Firm’s reviews below.

Florida Car Accident Injury Case Reviews

“Cloud Law Firm helped me with my motor vehicle accident. Mia gave me peace of mind from the beginning. She explained things to me so I understood what was happening. She never gave up on me or my case until it was settled.”

Peg M.
Rating 5/5


“I am very pleased with the results of my motor vehicle accident outcome. Mia and her staff have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend.”

Kevin N.
Rating 5/5


“I was very pleased with the services I received. Mia and her staff are friendly, efficient, and professional. They kept me well informed and set expectations regarding my auto injury case. Mia worked diligently during the pandemic to get my case resolved and settled.”

Lauren M.
Rating 5/5



“I was in a auto accident recently and the folks at Cloud law firm helped us throughout the process and in the end we were very happy with the results we received.”

Roger K.
Rating 5/5



“Cloud Law Firm has very friendly and informative staff members who help with all your questions. If you need an attorney for a car accident I would only recommend Cloud Law Firm!”

Renata L.
Rating 5/5



“Mia Cloud helped me with my car accident. She was able to help me more than anyone had, she even exceeded my expectations. I am very grateful for her help and would refer anyone to Cloud Law Firm.”

Gina R.
Rating 5/5



“Mia helped me settle my car accident that happened last year. In one year she was able to settle my case and help me take care of my medical bills while also allowing me to keep some money in my pocket. She did a great job and in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Cloud Law Firm to anyone in need of help.”

Nancy F.
Rating 5/5


Disability Claim Case Reviews

“I hired Cloud Law firm after my disability claim was denied, and I was able to get my disability claim approved rather quickly. Cloud Law Firm was incredible to work with and I highly recommend.”

Sarah M.
Rating 5/5



“I am extremely thankful for their hard work, and professionalism throughout the filing process.”

Francine P.
Rating 5/5



“I referred a client to Mia for assistance with a disability claim and Mia did a great job. She was very attentive, responsive and diligent in pursuing the claim.”

Jennifer C.
Rating 5/5



“Ivette, mrs clouds personal assistant was wonderful she was always there for me when I had called and it sounded like she had a smile on her face. Miss Cloud had answers to all my questions and I was very happy to work with both of them even Teresa in the Sebring office. Oh by the way, I won my disability case, with their help.”

Loretta E.
Rating 5/5



“Mrs. Cloud and her staff are absolutely fantastic. They are very patient with you, no matter the process & Mia is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend this office for ALL your personal injury and disability cases. I just cannot say enough of the office except they are the BEST!”

Jodie K.
Rating 5/5


“Cloud Law Firm did a great job on my Social Security Claim. Casera, the legal assistant really helped me and was very responsive to all my questions. I would recommend Cloud Law Firm to anyone in need of help for Social Security Disability Benefits.”

Martina M.
Rating 5/5


General Injury Case Reviews

“Mia Cloud and her assistants were always there for any questions I had. They were professional, kind and attentive. I would recommend Mia to anyone who has gone through a car accident and needed help. They were thorough from day one. Any time I had questions Mia would actually call me personally to answer them. I appreciate everything they did for me. Would highly recommend!”

Amanda C.
Rating 5/5



“I was extremely happy with the service I experienced at Cloud Law Firm. Mia and her team were extremely helpful and very prompt with communication. I would recommend them to anybody needing a personal injury lawyer.”

Cecily S.
Rating 5/5



“Mia & her staff were awesome!! Professional, friendly, dedicated but most of all, honest. Thank you so much for helping my family. I highly recommend anyone who needs legal advice to contact Mia if you want to be represented right.”

Rating 5/5


“Mia and her team at her office were exceptional in helping with my case! All her office staff were very professional and friendly every time I needed assistance. Mia was wonderful and I will recommend the Mia Cloud law firm to anyone who wants the job done:)!! Thank you Mia and all her fantastic staff! Many Blessings!!!”

Terri A.
Rating 5/5


“I was referred to the Cloud Law Firm by my physician, whom worked them before. Mia and Chris Cloud were great to work with. They were understanding of my needs and provided me with all of my options. They had a vast knowledge of the law and navigating the procedures that needed to be taken. My case was resolved to my satisfaction and I highly recommend them. Their staff was always polite and courteous. If you call them or email, you WILL get a call back.”

Carolyn L.
Rating 5/5


“The service Mia Cloud and her staff provided was excellent. They were professional, polite, friendly, and extremely helpful and attentive. I would highly recommend them!”

Matthew S.
Rating 5/5