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Special Sense and Speech Disorder Lawyer Florida

Special Sense and Speech Disorders

Special sense and speech disabilities encompass a diverse range of conditions that affect an individual’s ability to perceive, interpret, and communicate with the world around them. These disabilities can impact various senses, such as vision and hearing, leading to blindness or deafness. Additionally, speech disabilities can affect one’s ability to articulate and comprehend spoken language, making communication challenging.

These disabilities may result from congenital conditions or birth defects, injuries both work-related and non, neurological disorders, or other medical factors. Individuals with special sense and speech disabilities often face unique challenges in accessing information, participating in social interactions, and pursuing educational and vocational opportunities. Because of this many special sense disorders qualify for social security disability benefits to help support individuals who face challenges related to their sensory and communication capabilities.

Simply having a special sense or speech limitation does not automatically qualify someone for disability benefits however. For a special sense disorder to qualify for social security disability benefits the circumstances of the disorder have to fall within the acceptable guidelines laid out in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. A person must be able to show that their disability has caused significant impairment from being able to work or do daily activities.

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Common Special Sense/Speech Disorders Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDB)

Eligible individuals may receive financial aid such as SSD benefits, specialized devices, vocational rehabilitation, and educational assistance to enhance their quality of life and promote their integration into society for any of the following disorders.

Hearing Impairments

A hearing impairment must be severe for a person to qualify for SSD benefits related to their hearing loss. Someone looking to submit a social security disability benefits claim will have to go through a number of tests to determine if their hearing impairment is sufficient enough to qualify for social security disability benefits. This may include a standard hearing test, air conduction test, bone conduction test, or word recognition test.

Speech Loss

If someone is born with the inability to speak they will generally qualify right away for SSD benefits. If a person has suffered speech loss the reason for the loss will be considered when determining if they qualify. For example if they have suffered an injury to their mouth or head the SSA will consider whether equipment such as electronic voice articulation devices could potentially restore their speech giving them the ability to function in a workplace. If the reason for speech loss is neurological, however, it will be evaluated by the SSA as a neurological disorder instead of a speech loss disorder..

Vision Disorders

Although blindness is a qualifying special sense disability it must fit within the parameters of what the SSA accepts when it comes to collecting social security disability benefits. For example, blindness in one eye is not enough to qualify. If a person has been declared legally blind in both eyes by a medical expert they will be eligible for SSD benefits. Whereas, visual disorders are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine how much of their vision is limited.


Extreme dizziness which can inflict a person affecting their balance and ability to walk or see straight is eligible for SSD benefits in certain circumstances. When it comes to vertigo the SSA will want to determine how long the condition has existed, how often it occurs, and how severe it is. A person with vertigo will have to go through a number of medical imaging tests such as CAT scans or MRIs to show evidence of the severity of the vertigo.

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Contact The Cloud Law Firm In Florida If You are Suffering From A Special Sense/Speech Disorder

If you are living with a special sense disorder that is significantly impacting your life and are looking to apply for social security disability benefits, or if you have applied and your claim has been denied please reach out to The Cloud Law Firm. We have years of experience dealing with the complex and often frustrating social security claim process and we can help you. Contact us today for your free case consultation. 855-408-5100

We are also able to assist individuals that are dealing with Musculoskeletal Disorders and Endocrine Disorders.

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