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30 May

What Causes Rollover Car Accidents?

What Is A Rollover Car Accident?

A rollover car accident typically occurs when the vehicle involved in the accident strikes an object or other vehicle which causes it to lose control and affects the balance and stability of the vehicle causing it to tip over and roll. This is known as a tripping rollover accident. The other way that rollover car accidents occur is in a ‘non-tripping’ way. These types of accidents occur when the driver loses control of the vehicle and the car rolls due to driving off the road, turning too quickly, or avoiding an obstacle like a deer or other animal.

Rollover car accidents can be end-over-end where the car flips bumper to bumper or they can barrel roll from driver to passenger side. No matter what type of rollover accident a person is part of the chances of sustaining a serious injury or being killed are higher than with other accident types. Although rollover accidents only account for 3% of car accident types in the United States they make up 35% of car accident fatalities according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


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Common Reasons For Rollover Car Accidents in Florida

Rollover car accidents are typically very serious and can occur due to various factors. Understanding the common reasons behind them is crucial for promoting road safety in Florida.

Speeding – One primary cause is excessive speed, particularly when drivers take curves or corners too quickly. This causes the vehicle’s center of gravity to shift and can force the vehicle to tip over.

Distracted Driving – Another common factor in rollover car accidents is driver distraction, such as texting or using a mobile device while operating the vehicle. Distracted driving can cause a driver to hit objects like curbs while driving, or to leave the road and hit the shoulder, and when combined with speed can lead to a rollover car accident.

Abrupt Driving Maneuvers – Additionally, rollovers can result from abrupt maneuvers, such as overcorrecting the steering wheel or sudden lane changes, causing the vehicle to lose stability and tip over.

Poor Road Conditions – Sometimes rollover car accidents are not the fault of the driver and are a result of poor road conditions such as uneven surfaces or debris. These types of roads can disrupt the vehicle’s balance and control.

Vehicle Design or Maintenance Issues – It is important to make sure your vehicle is properly maintained, but even if you do there can be issues with the vehicle that can lead to catastrophes. Some vehicles are designed with a high center of gravity which can increase the likelihood of a rollover. It is important if you drive a vehicle designed this way to be aware of this factor while behind the wheel. Other maintenance issues like worn-out tires can also contribute to the likelihood of a rollover car accident.


Contact a Rollover Car Accident Attorney In Florida Near You

If you have been injured in a rollover car accident it is worth speaking with an experienced car accident attorney near you. Depending on the circumstances of your accidents someone else could be at fault and a personal injury lawyer can help you with a settlement and make sure you get the compensation you need to recover from your accident. At Cloud Law Firm we help clients throughout Florida who have been injured in rollover car accidents, as well as any other type of car accident they may have been involved in. Contact our office today to set up a free case consultation. 855-408-5100

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